Can Google Glass Help Parkinson's Patients?

the MPR take:

Researchers at Newcastle University in Newcastle, England are testing to see if Google Glass can help patients with Parkinson's disease by monitoring their symptoms and helping them to be more mobile. Preliminary results show that the study participants, ages 46–70, were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the potential to communicate via voice activation if paralyzing tremors occur. They also reacted positively about sensors in the device that could detect movement changes and alert the patient to take medication or seek a safe location if symptoms return and render them immobile. The study findings will be presented at the Association for Computing Machinery conference later this month. 

Can Google Glass Can Help Parkinson's Patients?
Can Google Glass Can Help Parkinson's Patients?

ABC News Researchers: See if Google Glass Can Help Parkinson's Patients. ABC News: As rumors swirl about Google Glass finally being available to the public, the device is already being examined for use as a daily aid for people with Parkinson's disease. Google Glass to go on general sale in the US ...