Can Cell Phones, Power Lines Impact Health?

the MPR take:

Previous research has suggested that environmental exposure to electromagnetic fields created by mobile phones, high-voltage power lines, and other electrical equipment may be carcinogenic; one such study found an association between an increased risk of childhood leukemia and proximity to overhead power lines. A new study in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface sought to investigate the effects of weak magnetic fields (WMFs) on flavoproteins with important cellular roles in energy production, oxidation/reduction, chromatin remodelling, DNA repair, neural development, and the circadian clock, among others. After subjecting the flavoproteins to WMFs in experimental conditions, magnetic field sensitivity was not observed on the flavoproteins. The safety of electromagnetic fields and its possible link to childhood leukemia is still unknown, but this research points to WMFs from power lines, mobile phones, and other electrical equipment to be relatively safe for humans.

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Can Cell Phones, Power Lines Impact Health?

Research first carried out in the 1970's and again subsequently, found an association between people living near overhead power lines and an increased risk of childhood leukaemia. The team studied the effects of weak magnetic fields (WMFs) on key human proteins, including those crucial for health, and found that they have no detectable impact.