Adding Nonfat Dairy to Diet May Lower BP

the MPR take:

A new study has found that adding ≥4 servings of nonfat dairy products a day to one's diet can lower systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure in patients with hypertension. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who added ≥4 servings of nonfat dairy products to their daily food consumption saw a decrease in systolic blood pressure (135 ± 1 to 127 ± 1mmHg) and pulse pressure (54 ± 1 to 48 ± 1mmHg) (both P<0.05) within 3 weeks. No reductions were seen in diastolic blood pressure for the nonfat dairy group or the control group with all dairy products removed from their diets.

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Adding Nonfat Dairy to Diet May Lower BP

Background: The high consumption of low-fat and nonfat dairy products is associated with reduced risk of high blood pressure. Design: With the use of a randomized, crossover intervention-study design, 49 adults (56% women) with elevated blood pressure (mean SEM age: 53 2 y; systolic blood ...