A Helmet That Can Detect Stroke

the MPR take:

Scientists in Sweden have developed a helmet that uses microwave signals to determine whether a person has had a stroke. The prototype device has tested successfully in 45 patients, but researchers are still making modifications and the helmet will require more testing. The helmet is capable of distinguishing between hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke, but not 100% of the time. While still in its early stages, the device may become a portable option for identifying stroke quickly since current technology, a CT scan, takes time to set up and is not always available.

A Helmet That Can Detect Stroke
Image credit: Gunilla Brocker

Scientists in Sweden have invented a helmet that can identify whether a person has experienced a stroke, the BBC reports. The headwear can further determine what kind of a stroke has occurred, allowing doctors to quickly diagnose and treat patients. Delays in stroke treatment can be serious — brain tissue can begin to die if more than four hours passes between a stroke and treatment.