A Faster, Cheaper Test for Type 1 Diabetes?

the MPR take:

Researchers claim to have developed a new diagnostic test for type 1 diabetes that could expand testing at a much lower cost worldwide. As reported in Nature Medicine, researchers from Stanford University have created a new test in which a blood sample is placed on a $20 chip approximately the size of a business card with a chemical that creates a fluorescent signal when it comes into contact with auto-antibodies known to attack cells that produce insulin. A gold-coated glass plate on the chip helps boost the signal for test reliability; the test then detects whether the patient has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Current testing can be both time-consuming and costly, requiring samples to be shipped to labs to be analyzed. This new test would greatly speed up the diagnosis at a significantly lower cost, allowing for greater access to diabetes diagnosis in global areas where healthcare is limited and/or expensive. A patent has been filed on the chip and the researchers are in the process of launching a startup company that will seek FDA approval for the test.

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A Faster, Cheaper Test for Type 1 Diabetes?

An inexpensive but precise method of detecting type 1 diabetes could be a life-saver. Stanford University scientists say they have developed a new test for type 1 diabetes that will cost a fraction of the current price and could speed up diagnosis from days to hours. That could be useful ...

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