PCP Statin Prescribing Up With Automated Patient Dashboard

August 09, 2018

There was a significant increase in statin prescribing in the active choice with peer comparison arm compared with usual care.

Certain Statins May Be Associated With Deficits in Cognition, Memory

By July 26, 2018

Given the lack of differences seen via the NIS, the authors suggested that subjective questionnaires may not be a trustworthy method to assess possible statin-associated cognitive deficits.

Idaho Pharmacists Able to Prescribe Meds for Several Conditions on July 1

By June 27, 2018

The new rule allows pharmacists to prescribe medications for cold sores, seasonal influenza, strep throat, and urinary tract infections, as well as statins for patients with diabetes.

Some Evidence Mobile Health Interventions Can Lower CVD Risk

June 08, 2018

mHealth programs generally improve overall cardiovascular disease risk, at least in the short term

Revised Equation May Improve Accuracy of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Estimates

By June 06, 2018

Multiple studies have indicated that the 2013 PCEs - published by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines - substantially misestimated CVD risk.

LDL-C Reduction Examined With Different Evolocumab Dosing Regimens

By June 01, 2018

For this study, researchers investigated the pharmacodynamics of evolocumab in two Phase 2 placebo-controlled studies (MENDEL and LAPLACE-TIMI 57) in order to determine which dosing regimens provided the most consistent LDL-C reduction.

Acute Kidney Injury in Hospital Ups Risk of Later Heart Failure

May 18, 2018

AKI was independently associated with higher rates of the composite outcome of hospitalization for heart failure and atherosclerotic events 1-year post-discharge.

FDA Committee in Favor of Waylivra for Rare Metabolic Lipid Disorder

By May 11, 2018

Antisense technology refers to the use of synthetic nucleic acid sequences to interrupt specific protein production by targeting the corresponding messenger RNA that encodes that protein.

Zypitamag Now Available for Primary Hyperlipidemia, Mixed Dyslipidemia

By May 01, 2018

Doses of Zypitamag >4mg once daily were associated with an increased risk for severe myopathy in premarketing clinical studies, therefore dosing should not exceed 4mg once daily.

Women Less Likely to Fill Post-MI Statin Prescription

April 17, 2018

Women were less likely to fill a high-intensity statin than men overall, among those with no prior statin use, among those taking low/moderate-intensity statins prior to MI, and among those taking high-intensity statins prior to their MI.

Workplace Noise Exposure Affects Cardiovascular Risk Factors

April 12, 2018

High BP, elevated cholesterol, hearing problems more common among workers exposed to loud noise

Metformin Use Linked to Reduced Risk of Statin-Associated Muscle Pain

By March 27, 2018

Statin-associated muscle pain can hinder medication adherence which could potentially lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular events.

Only Half of Adults With Familial Hypercholesterolemia on Statins

March 26, 2018

Among adults with definite/probable FH or severe dyslipidemia, the frequency of cholesterol screening and awareness was high (>80%); statin use was uniformly low among adults with definite/probable FH and with severe dyslipidemia (52.3 and 37.6%, respectively).

Can Omega-6 Fatty Acids Protect Against Premature Death, CV Disease?

By March 19, 2018

After classifying patients into 5 groups based on their blood linoleic level, the researchers found a 43% reduced risk of premature death among those with the highest level when compared with the group with the lowest level (adjusted hazard ratio [HR] 0.57, 95% CI: 0.46, 0.71; P<0.00).

Ticagrelor and clopidogrel have similar major bleeding rates following thrombolytic therapy

March 19, 2018

Use of ticagrelor resulted in similar rates of major bleeding compared to clopidogrel in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction treated with thrombolysis.

Icosapent Ethyl Significantly Lowers Triglycerides Without Raising LDL-C

By March 14, 2018

The ANCHOR study was not designed to determine effects on hsCRP or CV events.

Suboptimal LDL-C in FH Patient Despite Use of Three Cholesterol-Lowering Meds

By March 13, 2018

Some FH patients may have suboptimal LCL-C despite treatment with PCSK9 inhibitors, statins and ezetimibe.

Alirocumab Tied to Reduced Risk of CV Events, Death in High-Risk Patients

By March 12, 2018

The ODYSSEY Outcomes trial (N=18,924) evaluated the effect of alirocumab on the occurrence of MACE in patients who had an ACS between 1-12 months prior to trial enrollment, and who were already taking maximally-tolerated statins (atorvastatin or rosuvastatin).

Fenofibrate Treatment Effect Varies in Patients With T2DM

February 27, 2018

Treatment effect is greater in patients with dyslipidemia; absolute risk reduction of 2.15 percent

Statin Use May Protect Against Kidney Stone Formation

By February 09, 2018

For this study, researchers aimed to determine the impact of statin use on the risk of nephrolithiasis and to assess whether higher lipid levels were associated with the risk of stone formation.

Herb-Drug Interactions Can Lead to Severe Adverse Reactions

By January 24, 2018

For this review, researchers performed an extensive literature search for studies and cases where an adverse drug reaction occurred likely due to an interaction between an herbal and a prescribed medicine.

Heat Not Needed for Bikram Yoga to Confer Vascular Benefits

January 23, 2018

In both yoga groups there was an increase in brachial artery flow-mediated dilation (P<0.05). In the time-control group there were no significant changes in any outcome variables.

Prior Authorization Policies for PCSK9 Inhibitors Burdensome, Says Study

January 22, 2018

Diagnostic confirmation via genetic testing or meeting minimum clinical scores/criteria was required for patients with familial hypercholesterolemia.

Broader statin use more likely to prevent cardiovascular events

January 12, 2018

High levels of agreement between statin eligibility found between several guidelines included in this study

Can Coronary CTA Identify Future Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events?

January 11, 2018

The researchers found that the rate of MACE was higher with the presence of high-risk plaque (6.4 versus 2.4%; hazard ratio, 2.73).

Recall: Clopidogrel Bottles May Contain Simvastatin Tablets

By January 10, 2018

International Laboratories, LLC is notifying distributors and customers by letter and is arranging for return of all recalled products.

Using Statins to Prevent ASCVD: 5 Major Guidelines Compared

January 03, 2018

"Guidelines recommending that more persons use statins for primary prevention of ASCVD should prevent more events than guidelines recommending use by fewer persons," the authors write.

New Calculation Method Better at Estimating LDL-C in Patients Who Don't Fast

By January 02, 2018

esearchers compared the accuracy of the new LDL calculation method with the Friedewald method.

Triple Therapy Linked to Mortality Rate in CAD With GI Bleeding

December 06, 2017

Increased mortality at 90 days in patients with lower gastrointestinal bleeding, coronary artery disease

Should Antithrombotics Be Stopped Before Wide-Awake CTR Surgery?

December 05, 2017

Ninety-three of the 99 patients taking AT medication continued their normal regimen through surgery and were included in the analysis.