HPV Vaccination Coverage, Trends by Age Examined in US

By May 24, 2018

Provider-verified vaccination records obtained from a pilot study conducted in 14-29-year-old patients were utilized to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the self/parent-reported vaccination data.

HPV Vaccination May Offer Protection Against Cervical Precancer

By May 11, 2018

The authors concluded, "There is high-certainty evidence that HPV vaccines protect against cervical precancer in adolescent girls and young women aged 15 to 26," while also indicated that future studies should have long-term follow-up.

Oral HPV Infection More Common Among U.S. Men Than Women

October 17, 2017

Overall prevalence 11.5 percent in men, 3.2 percent in women; high-risk HPV also more prevalent in men

Study Supports Two-Dose Series of HPV Vaccine for Younger Teens

November 23, 2016

Global study supports revised regimen for those under 15