How is amebiasis prevented?
It is important to be careful about food in tropical countries where all forms of travelers’ diarrhea may occur:

  • Avoid foods that may have been cooked some time before. Freshly boiled food (eg, rice and sweet corn) is safe to eat.
  • Avoid salads, shellfish, crab and prawns.
  • Avoid fruit and vegetables that can’t be peeled; fruits that can be peeled, eg, avocado, bananas, citrus fruits and melon, are safe.
  • Forgo ice in drinks and drink only bottled water. Do not use tap water, even for brushing teeth.

If a traveler has spent a long time in tropical countries, it may be advisable for them to have a stool test upon returning, as amoebae may be present without symptoms and may require treatment.

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Last Reviewed: May 2013