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The importance of independence: community pharmacy strengthens with evolving landscape


Independent pharmacies are a vital source of care. Hallmarked by personalized, high quality and cost-effective care, their services meet the needs of patients in communities across the country. For decades, independent pharmacists have faced and overcome challenges, evolving to keep pace with the industry. Today, we are at yet another inflection point for these care…

Patient-minded approach means continued emphasis on pharmacy innovation


The healthcare market’s rapid and ongoing evolution has ushered in a number of recent innovations throughout our industry. Despite this, community-based care providers still face daunting hurdles every day that limit their ability to serve their patients. At Good Neighbor Pharmacy we see these challenges through the lens of the independent pharmacist. Industry legislation and…

Influenza, Comorbidities, and the Importance of Immunization

Older patients with comorbid conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, are especially vulnerable to influenza infection-related complications, hospitalization, and death. However, the severity of influenza’s effects may be reduced or prevented by vaccination. In this podcast, geriatrician Dr. Stefan Gravenstein (top) and cardiologist Dr. Mohammad Madjid offer their thoughts on why influenza takes such a heavy…