Opinion Polls

Is Alcohol Okay While Pregnant?

According to the recent MPR article “Alcohol During Pregnancy: Is Complete Avoidance Necessary?” questions are being raised in several studies whether women need to completely avoid alcohol while pregnant, or is a moderate amount still safe. What is your opinion? Please vote!

Is ‘Juice Cleansing’ Good for Your Patients?

‘Juice cleansing’ — which is supposed to flush toxins from your body — has become a hot topic among celebrities, and the trend has filtered down to the general population. But just because Gwyneth does it, should your patients try it as well?

Should Your Hand Hygiene Be Monitored?

According to a USA Today story, hospital workers are getting beeped, buzzed, and otherwise digitally tracked to remind them to sanitize their hands — and the hospital keeps track of those who do not. What is your opinion? Vote now!