Elorac has made available Zithranol-RR (anthralin rapid release microcrystalline encapsulated cream), a non-steroidal topical treatment for patients with stable plaque psoriasis. The anthralin in Zithranol-RR is microencapsulated into Elorac’s proprietary formulation of surface active crystalline polar lipids to provide for rapid release, as well as to reduce irritation and staining observed with nonencapsulated anthralin preparations. Zithranol-RR’s delivery system rapidly releases anthralin into psoriatic plaques on contact with skin and thus may be used for once-daily, short contact anthralin therapy (5–15 minutes).

Zithranol-RR is available by prescription in a preservative-free formulation in 15g and 45g tubes.

For more information call (847) 362-8200 or visit www.eloracpharma.com.