Muscadine grape seed oil may help cut obesity rates, researchers from the University of Florida reported. Findings from the study are published in Food and Function.

Muscadine grape seed oil produces tocotrienol, an unsaturated form of vitamin E that may help reduce the formation of new fat cells. The oil is also a good source of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the study, researchers extracted oil from the muscadine grapes’ seeds. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids reached 85–90% of the total fatty acids.

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Researchers predict that muscadine grape seed oils enhanced with additional tocotrienol can also help to curb obesity. Marty Marshall, a professor of food science and human nutrition, noted that muscadine grape seed oil could be a superior source of tocotrienol but scientists need to determine how to grow large quantities of it and how consumers will use the oil.

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