Scipher Medicine, a precision immunology company, has partnered with WellDyne, an independent pharmacy benefit manager, in an effort to improve patient outcomes and lower treatment costs associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) care.

WellDyne will provide physicians access to Scipher Medicine’s PrismRA® blood test, which analyzes a patient’s unique molecular signature to help identify individuals who are unlikely to adequately respond to tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor therapy. Results from a study evaluating the test in 175 RA patients showed that the drug response biomarker panel identified inadequate responders to TNF inhibitor therapies with 90% accuracy.

Additionally, findings from a study that surveyed 248 rheumatologists on the clinical utility of a TNFi non-responder biomarker showed that a vast majority found the test easy to interpret and clinically useful. Eighty percent of the surveyed participants reported that the test would improve medical decision-making, while 92.3% said it would help with prescribing decisions.

Commenting on the partnership, Nick Page, WellDyne’s Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer, said: “PrismRA supports our mission to increase patient treatment success, avoid waste due to unnecessary treatment escalations and help our clients manage their pharmacy costs more effectively.”

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