Rx Response has partnered with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), as well as eRx Network (pharmacy switches/clearinghouses responsible for processing pharmacy payments) and RelayHealth to form the basis of the Emergency Pharmacy Status Reporting tool. This tool has been created to aid the general public in locating nearby open pharmacies to gain access to medicine in a disaster or emergency event. 
Once a request is made by a state emergency or public health official to begin pharmacy status reporting, Rx Response requests a list of all NCPDP pharmacies within an affected disaster area. Rx Response also requests that the pharmacy switches/clearinghouses begin providing a daily list of all pharmacies that are billing within the affected area.

This data is then filtered to display only those zip codes listed within disaster declarations. Once it is processed, Rx Response displays a searchable map and downloadable Excel file of all known pharmacies (orange icons), all open pharmacies (green icons), and any known affected/closed pharmacies (red icons).