Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with Apple, has opened enrollment into Heartline, a 3-year virtual study designed to test whether the Heartline Study app on iPhone and the heart health features on the Apple Watch can improve cardiovascular outcomes, such as reducing stroke risk. 

Participants must be ≥65 years old, own an iPhone 6s or later model, and provide access to their Medicare claims data. Through the app, participants will receive ongoing education on topics related to heart health; during the first 2 years of active engagement, participants will be asked to complete actions in the app. 

The study will randomize participants into either a group that only uses the Heartline Study app or one that will use the study app on their iPhone in addition to an Apple Watch (to use the ECG app and irregular rhythm notification feature). According to J&J, the researchers are aiming to enroll “as many as 150,000 participants” in the trial.

“The Heartline Study will help further understanding of how our technology could both contribute to science and help improve health outcomes, including reducing the risk of stroke,” said Myoung Cha, Apple’s Head of Health Strategic Initiatives. 

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Data collected in the study will include information entered into the app (ie, contact information, demographic information, general health history), health and activity metrics, health sensor metrics, and device usage, as well as Medicare healthcare claims data. The Company also noted that participants who complete activities will earn points that can be redeemed for cash rewards. Additional information is available in the FAQ section on the study website. 

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