Bracco Diagnostics announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Varibar Nectar (barium sulfate 40% w/v, 30% w/v) oral suspension for use in modified barium swallow (MBS) exams to evaluate the oral and pharyngeal function and morphology in children and adults with known or suspected swallowing disorders. 

The MBS test is used to determine the extent of the patient’s swallowing disorder. Varibar products help visibility of anatomical structures and the swallowing process during the exam. It works by simulating different consistencies of food and liquids to evaluate the type and severity of the swallowing disorder.  

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Varibar Nectar — with target viscosity 300 CPS — comes in an apple flavor for improved patient compliance and is designed to provide the least coating properties necessary to visualize the swallowing process. It is specifically intended for use in radiography of the esophagus, pharynx, and hypopharynx. Barium sulfate has a high molecular density and acts as a positive contrast agent for radiographic studies. 

Varibar products all contain consistent barium density with 40% w/v for every formulation. Using the product does not require additional foods or thickening agents. Other products in the Varibar portfolio include Varibar Pudding oral paste, Varibar Thin Honey Barium Sulfate Suspension, Varibar Thin Liquid Barium Sulfate Suspension, and Varibar Honey Barium Sulfate Suspension. 

Varibar Nectar will be available as 240mL bottles.

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