Vaginal Anti-Itch Spray Added to RepHresh Product Line

The RepHresh product line has been expanded to include RepHresh Cooling Relief Vaginal Anti-Itch Spray (Church and Dwight, Co.) to relieve external feminine itch and neutralize odor.

The spray, which contains hydrocortisone 0.5%, is intended for topical use on the vulva. The non-benzocaine and paraben-free product can be sprayed in any orientation (including upside down) and provides relief without numbing.

“Tried and tested by women, the cooling sensation felt soothing and stopped the itch right away. We hope to continue empowering women to feel confident and comfortable every day,” stated Stephanie Berez, Director of Marketing for RepHresh.

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RepHresh Cooling Relief Vaginal Anti-Itch Spray will be supplied as 15mL tubes providing up to 60 uses. It will be available for distribution in April 2019 and available to customers nationwide in July 2019.

Other products in the RepHresh portfolio include RepHresh Vaginal Gel, RepHresh Pro-B, and RepHresh Clean Balance.

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