Uveitis specialists and rheumatologists differ significantly in their most-selected first-choice treatment option for patients with anterior scleritis, according to new findings from a survey by researchers at the University of Colorado.

The researchers surveyed 1044 uveitis specialists and rheumatologists; a total of 92 responding (8.6%). Those respondents answered questions on first and second choice therapies, and re-select therapies, assuming that the costs of all options were equal and that insurance approval was ensured. 

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Methotrexate was the most selected first-choice treatment for 78.6% of rheumatologists, compared with 44.4% of uveitis specialists (P<0.009). Mycophenolate was the most selected first-choice treatment for 27.8% of uveitis specialist and just 5.3% of rheumatologists (P<0.015).

The authors noted that controlled trial data is lacking in management guidance for anterior scleritis. They concluded that treatment preferences are impacted more by specialty than by cost/insurance.

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