The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted clearance for the use of the Trevo clot retrieval device (Concentric Medical Inc.) in certain stroke patients up to 24 hours after symptom onset, increasing the treatment window by 18 hours. 

The Trevo clot retrieval device is intended for use as initial therapy for acute ischemic stroke, to reduce paralysis, speech difficulties, and other stroke disabilities, with a tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). Initially, the Trevo device was FDA-cleared in 2012 to remove a blood clot and to restore blood flow in stroke patients who could not receive t-PA or in patients who were unresponsive to t-PA. In 2016 the FDA expanded use of the device for certain patients along with t-PA treatment if used within 6 hours of symptom onset. 

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The Trevo device is inserted via a catheter into the blood vessel to the site of the clot. The end portion of the device expands (up to 3–6mm diameter) and grips the clot, allowing the physician to pull it back through the vessel along with the device.

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