The Stork OTC, an FDA-Cleared, At-Home Conception Device

Cervical cap insemination has demonstrated a pregnancy success rate of up to 20%.

Rinovum Women’s Health announced the expanded availability of The Stork OTC, an FDA-approved, over-the-counter (OTC) device intended to increase the chances of at-home conception through an improved cervical cap insemination technique.

The product can be used for those with fertility issues including: couples with unexplained infertility, men with diminished sperm count or low sperm motility, women with unfavorable vaginal environment, or couples trying to become pregnant without having intercourse.  

The device consists of the Conceptacle and the Applicator. The Conceptacle is a condom-like sheath that collects donor sperm or semen during intercourse. The cap is removed from the sheath and placed into the Applicator, which is designed to bring the sperm as close to the cervical opening as possible. There are three activation buttons on the Applicator to seal, open, and release the cervical cap. 

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Cervical cap insemination has demonstrated a pregnancy success rate of up to 20%. Benefits of this technique include prevention of backflow of semen into the vagina, prolonged exposure of the spermatozoa to the cervical mucus, and a reduced risk of sperm loss in the vaginal tract. 

The Stork OTC is recommended for use during the ovulatory phase of the woman’s menstrual cycle. Use with an ovulation test kit can help determine the couple’s most fertile days. 

The Stork OTC can be purchased in Target stores and online as well as in major pharmacy chains nationwide. 

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