Amylin announced that it will no longer supply Symlin (pramlintide) vials. Symlin will continue to be available in the SymlinPen pen-injector delivery system. Pharmacists are advised to continue dispensing existing stock of the Symlin 5mL vial until inventories have been exhausted. Healthcare providers should begin transitioning their patients over to the SymlinPen 60 or SymlinPen 120 pen-injector.

When switching patients from the Symlin vial to the SymlinPen, the patients’ doses will need to be converted from units to micrograms (mcg). When converting the dose 2.5units=15mcg, 5 units=30mcg, 7.5units=45mcg, 10units=60mcg, and 20units=120mcg.

Symlin is an amylin analogue indicated for the management of type 1 diabetes as an adjunct to mealtime insulin, or in type 2 diabetes as as adjunct to mealtime insulin with or without sulfonylurea and/or metformin, in patients without optimal blood glucose control despite optimal insulin therapy.

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