Strontium89 (Strontium Chloride Sr-89 injection), a radiopharmaceutical indicated for  the relief of bone pain in patients with painful skeletal metastases, has been made available by Q BioMed. 

The effectiveness of Strontium89 for bone palliation has been evaluated in several clinical trials. In a placebo-controlled study involving 126 patients with persistent pain following external beam radiation therapy for bone metastases, treatment with Strontium89 resulted in a greater percentage of patients experiencing a reduction in pain compared with placebo. At each visit, treatment success, defined as a reduction in pain score without any increase in analgesic intake and without any supplementary radiotherapy at the index site, was more frequent among patients in the Strontium89 group vs placebo.

“Years of well-documented data show that Strontium89 can help alleviate the pain suffered by most patients with painful bone metastases,” said Q BioMed CEO Denis Corin. “We believe this drug has a very important role to play as clinicians move toward proven non-opioid therapeutics for pain palliation.”

Treatment is administered by slow intravenous injection and may be repeated based on patient response no sooner than every 90 days; pain palliation has been reported as ranging from 2 to 5 months. Due to the delayed onset of pain relief (typically 7 to 20 days post injection), administration of Strontium89 to patients with very short life expectancy is not recommended.

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Full commercial availability is expected to begin in March 2020. The Company is also investigating the treatment in a phase 4 study for its potential impact on survival in patients with metastatic bone cancer.

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