TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (parent company of vitaMedMD, LLC) announced the launch of vitaPearl, the latest addition to the vitaMedMD prenatal multivitamin line. vitaPearl is currently the smallest complete prescription prenatal multivitamin on the market.

vitaPearl is a pearl-shaped softgel that contains the proprietary FOLMAX (1.4mg of immediate and modified-release folic acid), FePlus (30mg of ferrous fumarate and ferric sodium EDTA), and pur-DHA (200mg docosahexaenoic acid) among 14 vitamins and minerals. vitaPearl is indicated for women who are planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant, or nursing.

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vitaPearl is available in 30-count boxes and is gluten-, lactose-, and sugar-free.

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