iHealth Lab announced the launch of iHealth Align, the smallest mobile blood glucose monitor to date.

iHealth Align can plug into the headphone jack of a smart phone and displays and stores readings using the free iHealth Gluco-Smart app. The app tracks individual test strip usage, which allows for timely refills. Also, users can manage their manage their glucose readings, track insulin, and share data with caregivers and supporters. Users can access their information from anywhere by logging into their online account via storage in the cloud.

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The company also announced the iHealth Simple Savings program to lower the price of their test strips and avoid insurance complexities.

The blood glucose monitor is about the circumference of a quarter and is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. The iHealth Align is available with a lancing device and 4 color cases. The 50-count test strips are available at iHealthlabs.com and Walgreens.com.

For more information visit iHealthLabs.com.