Single-Use Lidocaine 1% Ampules Now Available

The ampules are available immediately.

Spectra Medical Devices has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Lidocaine HCl Injection USP, 1%, 5mL single use ‘Safety Snap’ ampules for use as an anesthetic. The ampules are available immediately.

Lidocaine HCl injection is currently listed as ‘in shortage’ by the FDA. “Our ability to deliver single use 1% Lidocaine ‘Safety Snap’ ampules as an anesthetic for use by health care providers for birthing, C-sections, pain management, and local and regional anesthesia is far reaching,” stated Tony Arrigo, President & CEO of Spectra Medical Devices, Inc. “The FDA approval comes at a critical time for the US market, where there exists a national shortage. 

Orders for the single-use ampules can be made by contacting Spectra’s global sales and marketing office at 978-657-0889.

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