HealthDay News — A novel oral dosage form enables sustained release of antiretrovirals, allowing delivery for up to one week after a single administration, according to a study published online January 9 in Nature Communications.

Ameya R. Kirtane, PhD, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, and colleagues describe a modular drug delivery system, which folds and recoils, allowing oral dosing and retains its integrity in the stomach for prolonged residence. The system can be loaded with up to six formulations, and was used to deliver three antiretrovirals: dolutegravir, rilpivirine, and cabotegravir in a pig model. 

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The researchers found that the orally-administered platform delivered three antiretrovirals for up to seven days after a single administration, with week-long systemic drug levels identified. Based on simulation of viral dynamics and patterns of patient adherence, such a system would reduce therapeutic failure. This intervention could prevent hundreds of thousands of new HIV cases prophylactically, based on epidemiological modeling.

“Weekly administration of long-acting antiretrovirals via a novel oral dosage form is a promising intervention to help control the HIV epidemic worldwide,” the authors write.

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Several authors disclosed financial ties to Lyndra.

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