Rhythm announced pharmacodynamic results from a Phase 2 clinical trial with relamorelin (RM-131) for the treatment of chronic constipation at Digestive Disease Week in Chicago, IL.

Treatment with once-daily relamorelin for 2 weeks in patients with chronic constipation significantly accelerated lower gastrointestinal (GI) motility with a magnitude of effect associated with a 1-point difference in stool consistency on the Bristol Stool Form scale. Specifically, accelerated colonic transit was seen at 32 hours (P=0.040) and 48 hours (P=0.017) after ingestion of a study meal.

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Relamorelin also significantly accelerated gastric emptying (P=0.027) and small bowel transit (P=0.051).

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic presented separate results from a preclinical study that assessed the prokinetic mechanism of relamorelin on colonic smooth muscle. Analysis of this data suggested relamorelin increases lower GI transit by relaxing colonic smooth muscle through hyperpolarization–a possible explanation for the coordinated acceleration of full GI transit.

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