Refresh Optive Gel Drops Launched for Dry Eye

Allergan announced the launch of Refresh Optive Gel Drops, a new aqueous gel indicated for patients who require or desire a more viscous artificial tear option to relieve dry eye symptoms.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops contains glycerin 0.9% and a blend of the active ingredient carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) 0.5% that binds to the eye surface, providing relief from dry eye discomfort. The new formula delivers a shear-thinning effect resulting in a quick and even spread over the eye surface. It also creates a shield to protect the eye surface from hypertonic stress.

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In a multicenter, double-masked randomized study, patients with dry eye (n=94) that used Refresh Optive Gel Drops demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in symptoms at Day 30.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops is available over-the-counter in 10mL multi-dose bottles. It can be found at various retail locations across the United States.

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