Reformulated Leukine now available

An EDTA-free (edetate disodium) formulation of liquid Leukine (sargramostim injection, from Bayer) 500mcg is now available. In January 2008, Leukine was withdrawn from the market due to increased reports of adverse reactions associated with the 500mcg vials containing EDTA. With the availability of EDTA-free Leukine, Bayer is closing the special access program that reserved priority access to EDTA-free, lyophilized Leukine 250mcg vials for patients with the greatest medical need.

Leukine is a recombinant granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (rhu GM-CSF) for use following induction chemotherapy in adults ≥55 years of age with AML and in multiple stem cell transplantation settings

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