Sanofi announced new real-world data on Toujeo (insulin glargine [recombinant]) injection regarding change in HbA1c and occurrence of hypoglycemia in patients up to 6 months after switching to Toujeo from another basal insulin.  

For the analysis, adults with type 2 diabetes who had used other basal insulins within the 6 months prior to Toujeo initiation (between March–December 2015) were identified. The patient records of those identified (n=881) were evaluated for HbA1c and incidence of confirmed or severe hypoglycemia up to 6 months prior to and up to 6 months after initiation. For the subgroup of patients with HbA1c measured at baseline and during follow-up (n=267), mean HbA1c was 8.97% at baseline and 8.33% at follow-up. For the subgroup of patients with occurrence of hypoglycemia measured at baseline and during follow-up, this was 6.0% at baseline and 5.1% at follow-up. 

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Toujeo is being evaluated in real-world settings in 3 large studies ACHIEVE, REACH, and REGAIN CONTROL in patients with type 2 diabetes intiated on basal insulin or those switching from another basal insulin. These studies include over 4,500 patients across the country and Europe. 

Toujeo, a once-daily basal insulin, is indicated to control blood sugar in adults with diabetes mellitus. It contains 3 times as much insulin in 1mL as standard insulin (100U/mL).  Toujeo is supplied as a solution containing 300U/mL (U-300) in 1.5mL SoloStar disposable prefilled pens in 3- and 5-count packages.

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