Radicava (edaravone; Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America), the first FDA-approved treatment for ALS in more than 20 years, has been made available.

Radicava is supplied as a 30mg/100mL solution for intravenous infusion in single-dose polypropylene bags. To access the product, clinicians must submit the benefits investigation and enrollment form to connect patients to the Searchlight Support hub, which provides assistance for people who are prescribed Radicava.

A Searchlight Support care coordinator can help clinicians identify an infusion service site based on the patient’s geographic location. Once the benefits investigation is completed, a case manager contacts the patient to explain benefits and discuss the co-pay support options.

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The patient or clinician can then contact the infusion site or home infusion provider and schedule the first cycle of treatment. The site of care then submits an order form with the patient’s ID to Searchlight Support to obtain Radicava for the scheduled treatment.

The mechanism by which Radicava exerts its therapeutic effect in patients with ALS is unknown. In clinical trials, Radicava slowed the decline in the loss of physical function in ALS patients by 33%.

For more information visit Radicava.com or contact Searchlight Support at (844) 772-4548.