Pria, a Voice-Enabled Robot Med Dispenser, Now Available for In-Home Healthcare Management

Black+Decker has launched their first healthcare product, Pria, a HIPAA-compliant, voice-enabled personal medication assistant. 

The Pria device has a circular, touch screen interface and is designed to sit on a table top. It offers reminders for medication adherence, stores up to 28 doses, and dispenses the patients medications at the programmed time. Two-way video calls can also be made on Pria. 

The device can be used in conjunction with a mobile app that allows users and caregivers to track health data. 

“Our goal with Pria is to extend the circle of care within families, allowing multiple individuals to be involved in their loved one’s care regimen,” said Sean O’Brien, director, Health-at-Home Technologies, Stanley Healthcare.

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Pria is available for $749.99 and requires a monthly subscription of $9.99. 

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