The updated Beers Criteria also has a separate set of guiding principles for implementing prescribing recommendations:

  • Potentially inappropriate medications merit special scrutiny, but should not be misconstrued as universally unacceptable in all cases or for all people.
  • The AGS Beers Criteria should never solely dictate prescribing protocols, nor should they serve as a justification for restricting health coverage. This tool works best as a starting point to address a person’s full medication regimen.
  • The caveats and rationales informing AGS Beers Criteria recommendations are as important as the recommendations themselves. Appreciating these nuances can help healthcare professionals know why medications are included on the list, and how approaches to prescribing can be adjusted accordingly.

Donna Fick, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, FGSA, FAAN, expert panel co-chair, stated “It’s  important to remember that many of these medications are considered potentially inappropriate only in certain circumstances and for certain people. Tools like the AGS Beers Criteria can do much to support medication use that is safe, effective, and responsive to each person’s health needs.”

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