Positive Results for Hypoglycemia Predicting Algorithm

Animas announced positive results from its predictive hypoglycemia-minimizing algorithm in development at the 2014 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions.

Clinical data showed that the algorithm was able to help maintain glucose above hypoglycemic levels (glucose <70mg/dL) an average of 99.1% of the time for the 12 subjects with type 1 diabetes that were evaluated. Of the 12, 8 subjects’ CGM tracings were maintained entirely >70mg/dL while the remaining 4 experienced brief glucose tracings below the threshold.

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The device is comprised of an Animas insulin pump, Dexcom’s G4 PLATINUM continuous glucose monitor (CGM) system and predictive algorithm. Basal insulin is automatically dosed based on the subjects’ CGM values to reduce exposure to hypoglycemic levels.

Major differences in the system’s insulin dosing response, noted as the “aggressiveness factor,” was varied from conservative to medium to aggressive settings especially in the critical times when glucose was between 90–120mg/dL and decreasing.

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