Shire has announced the availability of myPKFit, a new pharmacokinetic (PK) dosing software for use with Advate (antihemophilic factor [recombinant], a treatment for hemophilia A. 

The myPKFiT for Advate is a free, web-based Rx software that can be used by healthcare professionals to create personalized treatment regimens in patients ≥16 years of age weighing ≥45kg with hemophilia A. The software can estimate a PK curve with as little as 2 measurable blood samples and only requires a few data inputs to create a patient’s estimated individual PK profile (e.g., age, body weight, total dose, data/time of infusion, factor VIII (FVIII) one-stage clotting activity measurements of sparse samples). The software output helps clinicians make decisions on appropriate dose and infusion intervals to maintain FVIII activity levels at or above a user specified minimum FVIII activity level between 1–3% above natural baseline for an individual patient.

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“We understand that people with hemophilia have their own treatment goals, needs and challenges that require a customized approach to care,” said Michael Tarantino, MD, Medical Director and President, The Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute. “The myPKFiT software enables healthcare professionals to gain an even clearer picture of their patients’ treatment needs to develop an Advate prophylaxis dose and schedule that’s truly tailored to each individual patient.”

The myPKFiT PK dosing software should only be used to evaluate prophylactic dosing regimens for patients treated with Advate; it should not be used for patients who have developed neutralizing antibody to FVIII products.


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