Dexcel Pharma Technologies has announced that PerioChip (chlorhexidine gluconate) is now available for the adjunctive treatment of adult periodontitis with a pocket depth (PD) ≥5mm, when used with scaling and root planning.

Two multicenter studies (Study 94-002 and 94-003) have shown that patients who received PerioChip after scaling and root planing (SRP) experienced a statistically significant reduction in the depth of their periodontal pockets vs. patients who were treated with SRP alone.  Chlorhexidine gluconate has active antiseptic properties that kill bacteria without the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

PerioChip contains 2.5mg of chlorhexidine gluconate in a biodegradable matrix of hydrolyzed gelatin (cross-linked with glutaraldehyde). It is offered online and through Adrian Pharmaceuticals in 20-count packs.  

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