For women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who are overweight or obese, liraglutide appears to be the most effective intervention to lower body mass index (BMI) and weight, according to a study published in Obesity Reviews.

For this network meta-analysis, researchers identified 23 randomized-controlled trials that included patients with PCOS and overweight/obesity (N=941) and compared the effectiveness of various pharmacological interventions (i.e., metformin, inositol, liraglutide, orlistat) on weight reduction in this patient population.

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Results showed that all the interventions were effective for weight loss compared with placebo (mean difference [MD]: liraglutide -5.18; liraglutide + metformin -2.99; metformin -1.37; orlistat -3.23). In addition, treatment with liraglutide, metformin, orlistat and liraglutide + metformin led to significant reductions in BMI compared with placebo (MD: -1.80, -1.26, -1.79, -2.34, respectively). For waist circumference, liraglutide, liraglutide + metformin and metformin led to significant decreases (MD: -5.69, -4.68, and -2.68, respectively); a statistically significant effect for orlistat was not observed in the study.

“Using network analysis, we found that liraglutide was the most effective and metformin the least effective intervention to lower BMI and weight,” the authors concluded.  However, they added that “in the absence of economic evaluation, our analysis support the use of either metformin or orlistat to induce weight loss in women with PCOS and overweight/obesity.”

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