Fertility Focus and Norgenix announced the launch of OvuSense Fertility Monitoring Device, an advanced ovulation monitor demonstrating 99% sensitivity and 99% accuracy. 

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OvuSense was developed to assist patients who are concerned about their fertility and ability to conceive.  The monitor can predict the onset of ovulation and the date of ovulation as well as accurately diagnose anovulatory cycles.

OvuSense consists of a personal sensor and data reader. The sensor is inserted intravaginally where its patented technology measures accurate core temperature measurements every 5 minutes while a woman sleeps.

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OvuSense predicts the onset of ovulation, detects the exact ovulation date just 3 days after it occurs, and provides this real-time information on the screen.

OvuSense has been tested in clinical trials against ultrasound folliculometry using a previously defined quality index protocol. The OvuSense algorithm achieved an 83% positive predictive value for the onset of ovulation in cycle, and a 99% sensitivity for detection of ovulation just 3 days after it occurs.

For more information call (877) 320-5174 or visit OvuSense.com