CutisPharma announced the launch of FIRST Vancomycin oral solution compounding kits for the treatment of Clostridium difficile (C.diff) infection. The FIRST Vancomycin kit contains pre-measured white grape flavored solution and pre-weighed Vancomycin HCl powder that can be combined together within a minute.

The FIRST Vancomycin oral solution compounding kit provides an option for patients who have difficulty swallowing solid oral dosage forms or those that require feeding tubes. Preparing oral Vancomycin HCl solution can take up to 20 minutes as pharmacists mix lyophilized, sterilized Vancomycin HCl powder for injection and sterile water for injection. FIRST Vancomycin compounding kit can be prepared within a minute and has a white grape flavor to mask the bitter taste.

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The FIRST Vancomycin kits are available as a 25mg/mL strength in 5oz and 10oz sizes, and as a 50mg/mL strength in 5oz, 7oz, and 10oz sizes for MultiFlex dosing. Other FIRST compounding kits include omeprazole and lansoprazole suspensions, Duke’s and Mary’s mouthwashes, and BXN mouthwash, and others.

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