BioPharmX announced the launch of Violet iodine, a first-of-its-kind pill for relief of premenstrual breast discomfort. Common symptoms include monthly swelling, tenderness, aches, and heaviness.

Violet iodine is based on molecular iodine technology that addresses the root causes of fibrocystic breast condition (FBC). Also, Violet iodine helps support breast health for women of reproductive age by maintaining healthy cell growth. The once-daily regimen can help stabilize the hormonal imbalances that are associated with FBC and relieve common symptoms of cyclic mastalgia.

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A clinical study showed that women who consumed 3mg or 6mg daily of iodine experienced a decrease in monthly breast discomfort relative compared to women who took either placebo of 1.5mg iodine.

Violet iodine is available for purchase online in 30- and 60-count packages. It will be available in retail shelves starting in 2015.

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