Innocutis announced the launch of Nuvail (poly-ureaurethane, 16%) nail solution, a prescription product to help manage nail dystrophy (eg, fragile, damaged or brittle nails with cracking or splitting).

Nuvail nail solution supports the damaged nail plate using a polymer blend that creates a strong adhesion to the nail surface, forming a breathable barrier while protecting and strengthening the nail. This barrier allows for oxygen transfer to the nail plate while blocking water absorption thus preventing the wet-dry cycle that leads to damaged nails. Nuvail also protects the nail from harm caused by work activity such as direct abrasion and friction.

The efficacy of Nuvail was studied in a prospective, multi-center, single-arm, self-controlled study in 63 adult patients with onychomycosis. The patients self-treated in a weekly regimen of topical application for six months.  Primary efficacy endpoint was clearance of fungal nail infection after six months of weekly treatment. Sixty percent showed improvement in clinical parameters (nail color, nail plate involvement, onycholysis, thickness, and hyperkeratosis) at six months. In addition, rates of dermatophyte-negative culture results (test of cure) were 28, 36, and 62% of subjects after one, three, and six months of treatment, respectively.

Nuvail is now available as a 16% nail solution in a 15mL bottle with applicator.

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