Novo Nordisk has launched its Diabetes Patient Assistance Program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for patients with diabetes who have lost health insurance coverage due to a change in job status.

According to the Company, patients may be eligible to receive insulin free of charge for 90 days. The program requires applicants to be using Novo Nordisk insulin and to provide documentation showing loss of healthcare benefits (ie, job termination notice or job status change) or proof that COBRA benefits are being offered. Applicants are not required to provide documented proof of income. In addition, the Company is offering assistance past the 90-day window until the end of the year for Medicaid patients if their benefits have been denied.

To increase awareness of these opportunities, Novo Nordisk will implement targeted advertising campaigns starting April 15. The ads will run on connected TV, online radio, newspapers and brief mentions on network television programming.

“We already have a lot of programs to help people afford insulin but the impact of COVID-19 goes beyond that,” said Doug Langa, Executive VP, North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk Inc. “We know people need more help right now and we want to do something that could make an immediate difference.” 

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The Company will continue to offer a variety of affordability options that were launched in January 2020. These include the patient assistance program, My$99insulin, the immediate need program, authorized generics of Novolog and Novolog Mix, Novo Nordisk human insulin, and copay savings cards

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