Beginning January 2, 2020, Novo Nordisk will be providing new pricing options for their insulin products in the US to support patients without insurance.

The new offerings include:

  • $99.00 Cash Card Program for Analog Insulins: Patients will be allowed to purchase up to 3 vials or 2 packs of FlexPen/FlexTouch pens of any combination of Novo Nordisk analog insulins (3000-3600 Units total depending on brands) for $99.00.
  • Authorized Generics of Novolog and Novolog Mix: Insulin Aspart and Insulin Aspart Protamine/Insulin Aspart (Insulin Aspart Mix) will be made available in vials and pens at a 50% reduced price compared to the current listed price of the branded versions:
    • Insulin Aspart 10mL vial/1000 Units: $144.68
    • Insulin Aspart 5x3mL Penfill/1500 Units: $268.73
    • Insulin Aspart 5x3mL FlexPen/1500 Units: $279.41
    • Insulin Aspart Mix 70/30 10mL vial/1000 Units: $150.06
    • Insulin Aspart Mix 70/30 5x3mL FlexPen/1500 Units: $279.41

Novo Nordisk will continue to supply the branded versions for patients who wish to continue taking Novolog and Novolog Mix.

Additionally, the Company has affordability options already in place, including a patient assistance program and co-pay savings cards.

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“People with diabetes need more affordable options and we are going to continue doing what we can now while also working with other healthcare stakeholders on longer-term system reform. For instance, we support the recent IRS ruling that classifies diabetes medications as preventive care. We believe this has the potential to help a significant number of people with diabetes from an affordability perspective,” said Doug Langa, executive vice president, North America Operations and president of Novo Nordisk Inc. 

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