A bracelet that can track a woman’s fertility has been launched today by the medical technology company Ava. In clinical trials the bracelet (which is worn only at night), detected an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with 89% accuracy, making it the first device to identify fertile days in real-time.

Based on results from a year-long study – conducted at the University of Zurich – the FDA approved the Ava bracelet as a Class One medical device. The device works by being worn throughout the night, then syncing the data it collects in the morning with the Ava app. 

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Sensors on the bracelet collect data on physiological parameters such as pulse rate, breathing, sleep quality, heart rate variability that correlate with the rise in reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone, and this data is combined to provide the user with fertility information for a woman’s entire fertility window. 

Results from the Ava bracelet clinical study, led by professor Brigitte Leeners, will be published later in the year. The bracelet is available now and retails at $199. 
For more information visit Avawomen.com.