The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted clearance for the non-surgical bone conduction hearing system ADHEAR (MED-EL) for patients with conductive hearing loss. 

The ADHEAR system provides an additional option for patients with conductive hearing loss who are not candidates for, or who do not wish to undergo, bone conduction implant surgery. In addition, it can be used by patients with single-sided deafness and normal hearing on the contralateral side.

The ADHEAR audio processor device attaches to an adhesive adapter that is placed behind the ear. Unlike other non-surgical bone conduction devices, ADHEAR stays in position without applying pressure onto the skin. 

Bone conduction uses the bones of the skull to transmit sound waves directly to the inner ear. The processor picks up these sound waves and converts them into vibrations which are transmitted into the bone through the adhesive adapter. 

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ADHEAR is expected to be available during the Summer of 2018. “It [ADHEAR} opens up a whole new world of sound to people with conductive hearing loss, enabling us to help more people overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication,” said Raymond Gamble, CEO & President of MED-EL North America. 

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