Beckman Coulter Diagnostics announced the launch of Prostate Health Index (phi), a non-invasive blood test for detecting prostate cancer. This new test is 3 times more specific in prostate cancer detection than PSA (prostate-specific antigen), decreasing the need for biopsy in male patients who test positive for elevated PSA levels.

Currently, the most commonly used test to screen for prostate cancer is the PSA test but results can often indicate the possibility of cancer when none is present. A multicenter clinical study showed a 31% reduction in unnecessary biopsies due to false-positives as a result of using the phi test.

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The test evaluates 3 different PSA markers–PSA, freePSA, and p2PSA to better determine the probability of cancer in patients with elevated PSA levels. The phi test is now available through the Innovative Diagnostics Laboratory (IDL).

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