Nicorette mini Lozenge Returns

The nicotine replacement therapy, Nicorette mini Lozenge (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare [GSKCH]) has been made available again following a supply shortage caused by a recall last year. In February 2014, GSKCH issued a voluntary recall of the product after manufacturing issues were uncovered; in some cases, lozenges were found to be smaller or larger than the manufacturing standards.

GSKCH has since assessed the issue and improved quality measures, allowing production of Nicorette mini Lozenge to resume. The mini lozenges are available in 2mg and 4mg strengths; the large lozenges are expected to be back on the shelves later in 2015 in both 2mg and 4mg strengths.

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Both formulations are indicated for use as an adjunct in smoking cessation therapy.

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