Global Kinetics Corporation has announced that it has received marketing clearance for their Personal KinetiGraph (PKG), the first wrist-worn device approved in the U.S. to improve the assessment and monitoring of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders that impact movement.

The PKG device automatically records motion data on a Parkinson’s patient’s movements over a period of up to ten days when worn continuously unless instructed by a physician. This information identifies changes and trends in movement and can be sent to the patient’s physician within minutes to assist in decisions regarding treatment.

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In addition, the device can be programmed by a clinician to administer medication reminders and track adherence. The device will vibrate and a light will flash when the patient should take their medication; if a patient fails to register that they have taken their medication, the device will continue to vibrate and flash in five minute intervals as a reminder.

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