Tolsura (SUBA-itraconazole; Mayne Pharma) has been made available in the US for the treatment of systemic fungal infections including blastomycosis (pulmonary and extrapulmonary), histoplasmosis (including chronic cavitary pulmonary disease and disseminated, non-meningeal histoplasmosis), and aspergillosis (pulmonary and extrapulmonary, in patients who are intolerant of or who are refractory to amphotericin B therapy).  The Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment in December 2018.

Tolsura, which contains the azole antifungal itraconazole, is formulated using the Company’s proprietary SUBA (SUper-BioAvailable) technology which improves the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. It is not interchangeable or substitutable with other itraconazole products because of the differences in dosing.

Tolsura is supplied as 65mg capsules in 60-count bottles.

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