Prometheus Laboratories announced the launch of Prometheus Anser ADA, a novel test to measure adalimumab (Humira; AbbVie) and its antibody levels in one serum sample for patients with inflammatory bowel disease taking adalimumab. 

If a patient loses treatment response to adalimumab, the most common first step is dose escalation. However, this may result in exposing the patient to unnecessary high drug doses and expense. Prometheus Anser ADA is designed to help physicians identify potential causes for loss of treatment response and guide patient management decisions.

Prometheus Anser ADA utilizes the company’s proprietary homogenous mobility shift assay. The Anser ADA follows the July 2012 launch of Anser IFX, expanding the line of the tests that target biologic agents being used to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases.  

For more information call (888) 423-5227 or visit the Prometheus Laboratories website.